NIKOSAN Oriental Art

Online Exhibition of Japanese Art and Antiques.
20th century Japanese woodblockprints Ukiyo-e Shin Hanga and Sosaku Hanga,
Woodblockprints and lithograph prints by Tatsumi Shimura, Yoshio Takagi, Shinmei Kato, eo.
Nagasaki lacquer ware with mother of pearl inlay , Japanese gold Lacquer, Negoro lacquer,
Japanese cloisonne on porcelain, Ando cloisonne, 20th century Japanese bronze and silver vases,
Koji Hatakeyama, Japanese porcelain from the Meiji ,Taisho and Showa period.

Below is a picture database of Japanese watercolours in Western style by Jirokichi Kasagi,

Please email me for information when you are interested in an object.

Jirokichi Kasagi ( 1870 - 1923 )
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