Watercolours by
Jirokichi Kasagi (1870 - 1923)

Jirokichi Kasagi was born in 1870 in Kanazawa and died in 1923 in Yokohama

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Kasagi watercolor

Jirokichi Kasagi

Yoshi Kasagi, wife of Jirokichi, with grandson
Hidefumi Kasagi in 1947

For a long time no information at all was available about the Japanese watercolour artist J. Kasagi. However in januari 2008 I was contacted by the grandson of J. Kasagi, Hidefumi Kasagi, who lives in Kamakura in Japan. All the information about J. Kasagi on this page I did get from him.
Jirokichi Kasagi was born in 1870 in Kanazawa and died in 1923 in Yokohama.
Some information comes from his wife Yoshi who died in 1957.
Acording to Yoshi has J.Kasagi been to Europe to study Western painting, although it is not known when and where he has been in Europe.
Kasagi had contact and was Influenced by Charles Wirgman who lived in Yokohama in that time.
Jirokichi Kasagi was a professional painter who had to support his family, with seven children,
by selling his paintings.
Nearly all his watercolour paintings were bought by foreign buyers who visited Yokohama.
Nowadays nearly no paintings of him can be found in Japan. Unfortunately nearly thousand sketches
and drafts were burned at the big earthquake from 1923 which destroyed Tokyo and surroundings.

J. Kasagi was a very great artist, in my opinion  the best Japanese watercolour painter who 
worked in Western watercolour technique in Japan around 1900.
He had an incredible good technique and was unique in his subjects. No other artist in this style
painted so often people as he did.
Kasagi painted also his wife Yoshi very often on his paintings. ( see photo).

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